Non DJ Electronic Musicians of Melbourne

NDJEMM is a collective of musicians mainly from Melbourne that support each other in the creation and live performance of electronic music. This music ranges from ambient drone modular through to 80s style pop. They hold electronic music nights at a bar called Tago Mago named after the 3rd Can album from 1971 of the same name. The bar isn’t anything fancy but nore should it be as it focusses on the music instead of the decor. But saying that I love the thrown together style. Importantly the sound system is load clear and responsive and the beer, wine & spirit selection is great.

There is also now a NDJEMM of Sydney are in collaboration with Melbourne to share the love of music. As the name says there isn’t a dj in sight which is great especially when sometimes dj’s are portrayed as playing live when in fact they bring along a preset list of songs on a usb and plug into the house supplied equipment. Not saying all dj’s are like this but its great to have a movement that recognises this fact and emphasises on the true live electronic music aspect.