Slice is an independent underground record label and multifaceted arts collective. We focus on underground music and creative media with the vision of exposing artistic talent and original art that is both original and diverse, unrestricted by genre or style. Our mission is to help promote artists with the aim of giving more exposure to local and emerging and lesser heard artists.

We do this through our our Slice Records imprint as well as through Slice Events and through our affiliated networks and web presence. 

We wish to connect artists, producers, promoters, DJs and VJs, who can work together with the the goal of working as a collective to propel original creations into the public realm, to facilitate collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas within creative groups. Slice takes pride in working with other record labels and crews, and celebrates our extended friendships within Melbourne’s and Toronto‚Äôs electronic music and arts community.
To aid in the creative outlet that is Slice Records and Events, we believe in a mutually beneficial, transparent approach to our relationship with fellow artists, clients, employers, promoters and venues. We aim to help both emerging and established artists gain more exposure to their craft; introducing artists to new audiences, setting them up to play more gigs, and to receive more recognition and rewards for their art. 

Our foremost goals are to nurture the creative process, to respect artistic integrity and thought, connect more creative people, unique and inclusive events, quality original music and art, as a dedicated collective.

History of Slice.
Cristian Crowley, James Woodcock, Gareth Fox are the triad behind the makings of Slice. They originally begun this project with the goal of giving local bedroom producers like themselves an avenue to progress into the expanding electronic scene, including providing the chance to play to an audience that would appreciate their underground sounds. Cutting their teeth with a series of club events (Nexus, Omni Ear, GeoRhythmn), Slice’s first V/A compilation ‘A Slice of Things to Come’ was released on Tempest Recordings in 2011. A collection of decor pieces and audio equipment rapidly grew to include a dedicated lighting and sound setup, with a core group of visual and decor artists contributing to the mix. Slice has also been involved in the French Fest Music & Arts Festival and Tanglewood Music & Arts Festival outdoor festivals.

After the formation of Slice Records came the next stage of their adventures; the combination of local underground audio and visual arts in the form of digital and physical releases. Ever-lamenting the death of the album and the consumptive culture of single song releases, Slice seeks to bring the listener back to the ‘journey’ style of listening. The Slice crew shares a passion for art, the rising counterculture and originality unrestricted by genre. 

Slice Records continues to source original underground quality music and is accepting submissions.